The Best Ways to Cook a Great-Tasting Steak

All steaks are not created equal. If you’re wondering what it takes to cook a great-tasting steak, you’re in luck! Chef Andrew Pearce of Hugo’s Frog Bar & Chop House —voted best steakhouse in Philadelphia 2017—shares his secret methods for the best way to cook a great-tasting steak.

Hugos Philadelphia Steak Restaurant

Cook it on high!  

The specialty broiler at Hugo’s Frog Bar & Chop House is set to a smoldering 1800 degrees—one of the keys to the mouthwatering steaks at our Philadelphia steakhouse. The broiler allows us to cook the steaks high and fast, and ensures that every cut of beef keeps its juices and is cooked to perfection.  

PRO-TIP: You may not have an 1800 degree broiler at home, but you can substitute this for a smoking hot cast iron pan or set the broiler feature on your oven. If you’d like to achieve a great sear on the outside, broil at 450 degrees.  

Choose Quality Meat  

Hugos Philadelphia Steak Restaurant

Contrary to popular belief, you shouldn’t always marinate your steak. Chef Pearce explains that it’s better to buy a great cut of steak such as a New York strip, ribeye, or filet than to load a steak up with marinade. Our Philadelphia steakhouse uses the highest quality meat available and only uses marinade on tougher pieces of meat like round, skirt, hanger, or London broil.  

PRO-TIP: To ensure you buy quality steak at the grocery store, look for Choice Plus steaks. Also, check for marbling that runs through the steak, as this will guarantee a moist and flavorful piece of meat.  

Age the Steak 

Hugos Philadelphia Steak Restaurant

At Hugo’s Frog Bar & Chop House, we age our steaks for 45 days. This way, our guests can enjoy exceptional taste and tenderness. Aging allows natural enzymes to break down the hard connective tissue in steak and produces a beefier, more succulent flavor.  

PRO-TIP: Since you may not be able to find steaks that are aged for 45 days or more at the grocery store, buying grass-fed or all-natural steak is a good substitute.  

Season with Gibsons Seasoning Salt 

Hugos Philadelphia Steak Restaurant

To season the steaks at Hugo’s Frog Bar & Chop House, we use Gibson’s seasoning salt. It draws the blood to the top of the beef and keeps it moist in the middle with a sear on the outside. 

PRO-TIP: You can season your steaks at home with Gibson’s seasoning salt by buying it online 


Now that you know how Chef Andrew Pearce cooks the cuts at the best steakhouse in Philadelphia, come on in and try one or get cooking at home! Give us a call for a reservation (215) 717-3900.   

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