Fresh Flavors: Hugo’s Summer Seafood in Philly

Summer is here again in Philadelphia and we find ourselves gazing out our windows at the mighty Delaware River, dreaming of its following currents to the mouth of the sea where all the pleasures and flavors of the ocean lie. To fight that land-locked feeling up here in the big city, Hugo’s has thoughtfully prepared a new summer menu that includes the freshest seafood flavors that will leave you hooked – no pun intended. Here are some of our new favorites!

Hugos Philadelphia Steak Restaurant

Steamed Clams

No matter what coast you come from, this classic New England comfort food is a perfect starter for any meal! Our fresh-off-the-boat littleneck clams are steamed in white wine with garlic, chili flakes, and basil to make a rich and zesty starter that can be shared with a lucky friend or enjoyed solo. We suggest pairing this dish with your favorite white wine or even a light, refreshing beer.

Hugos Philadelphia Steak Restaurant

Pan Seared Scallops

Our Pan Seared Scallops are the perfect seafood dish for someone looking for something a little different. Each scallop is cooked to perfection and perched atop a portion of our slow-cooked pesto risotto and accompanied by blistered cherry tomatoes that embody the earthy flavors of a summer garden. The whole dish is finished with a delightfully tart Meyer Lemon Vinaigrette that adds a delightful balance to the dish. Accentuate the bright flavors of the season with a crisp glass of white wine – we suggest a tart Sauvignon Blanc to play on the fruity note of the vinaigrette.

Hugos Philadelphia Steak Restaurant

Seafood Fra Diavolo

If you’re like us, and cannot decide which seafood is your favorite, we humbly suggest our Seafood Fra Diavolo. We offer the freshest shrimp, clams, and calamari simmered in a zesty tomato and cherry pepper sauce, piled generously a top a bed of linguini. This dish packs a spirited and spicy kick that brings the seafood to life! Pair this dish with a medium bodied red wine to compliment the earthiness of the tomato sauce.

Hugos Philadelphia Steak Restaurant

Barbecue Rubbed Salmon

The flavors of the barbecue are nearly synonymous with those of summer – our new Barbecue Rubbed Salmon embraces the smoky-sweet tastes that we love so much. We grill each salmon filet to reveal a perfect crust that is a wonderful compliment to the mango-pineapple salsa and avocado puree.

Hugos Philadelphia Steak Restaurant

Caribbean Spiced Mahi Mahi

What’s a summer seafood menu without an ode to tropical flavors? The Caribbean Spiced Mahi Mahi is a perfect island getaway for any seafood lover. A delicately seared filet of mahi mahi is accompanied by jicama slaw and sweet chili sauce and served with a savory, toasted coconut rice. We suggest pairing this dish with one of our new summer cocktails to highlight all of the tropical flavors! 

Whether you are a seafood aficionado or a land-lover, Hugo’s Frog Bar & Chop House has something for everyone! From exquisite shared plates to our thoughtfully prepared mains, Hugo’s is your seafood destination this summer in Philadelphia. Be sure to make your reservation and we’ll see you down at the riverfront in Philly!