Start Your Summer Off Right in Philly, With Hugo’s Featured Cocktails

If you’re reading this blog, it means you’re ready for summer. You have the vacation to the shore booked, the BBQs are all planned, and you have bought enough citronella to fend off an army of mosquitos, but let’s get down to what summer is really about – the cocktails! At Hugo’s Frog Bar & Chop House we’ve got you covered with the summer’s coolest new cocktails. Put on your best Hawaiian shirt, grab the sunscreen and see what our mixologists have been creating!

summer rain cockatil

Summer Rain

Now if the name wasn’t a dead giveaway, this cocktail is more refreshing than an afternoon thunderstorm in July. The cocktail immediately transports you to a tropical island with its juicy, exotic passion fruit puree. The bright and fruity flavors work perfectly with the citrusy and aqua blue aesthetics of the Blue Curacao and the clean subtleties of the Grey Goose Citron Vodka. Shake these ingredients and serve over ice and you have yourself a summery monsoon of flavor.

Russian Mule drink

The Russian Mule

 The Russian Mule is a classic libation that features zesty ginger beer, fresh squeezed lime juice, and premium Russian vodka. No frills. We love pairing up the tangy ginger beer with some of our seafood dishes. Try it with our Alaskan King Crab legs and you’ll never want summer to end.

Tropical Storm Drink

Tropical Storm

Close your eyes and picture yourself standing on a powdery-white beach listening to a distant thunderstorm rumbling gently in the distance. If a drink could encapsulate this moment, it would be our new Tropical Storm. Sugar Island Coconut Rum, Strawberry Bols, and crisp vodka are what make this drink a potent and refreshing cocktail that will be quick to remind you about all of the things we love about summertime.

Hugo's Bloody Mary Drink Philadelphia

Hugo’s Bloody Mary

This cocktail is a Hugo’s steakhouse twist on an old classic! Just like a traditional Bloody Mary, the Hugo’s interpretation makes use of a subtly spicy St. George’s Chile Vodka and Gibson’s famous seasoning in combination with fresh tomato juice. The real treat comes in the form of a fresh shrimp garnish to finish off this savory and hearty cocktail. Pair this drink up with any of our steaks and you’ll have yourself a satisfying steakhouse experience.


Rosé Sangria

The new Rosé Sangria is one for the wine lovers. The main star of this lavish libation is Acacia Rosé from California, which provides bright flavors of watermelon, strawberries, and hibiscus. We’ve chosen Kettle One Botanical Vodka to accentuate the Rosé and grapefruit flavors, and finished it off with fresh pineapple and cranberry juice to give this drink a quality that pairs perfectly with some of our more playful seafood dishes (we recommend pairing this with the Caribbean Spiced Mahi). Garnished with fresh fruit and served over ice, this is the best bet for you to beat the heat this summer!

Coconut Cafe

Coconut Café

Summer is the sweetest time of the year, and this list would not be complete without a confectionary conclusion. Our Coconut Café embraces everything we love about the warmer months and fuses them with the toasty richness of a decadent dessert drink. Our mixologists use Patron XO, an espresso-infused tequila, and pair it with the delightful creaminess of Creme de Cacao, a dash of Coconut Rum, and finish the drink off with cream. We think you’ll love the rich flavors as you finish your meal off with a Coconut Café and a slice of our famous Chocolate Mousse Pie.

summer drinks at hugos philadelphia


We can’t wait for you to try our new refreshing summer cocktails. Beat the heat and remember that it’s ok to slow down and enjoy the finer things in life. Be sure to make a reservation to get your hands on one of these great drinks, because just like summer, they’ll only be here for a short while! Cheers!